Bone Health Clinic

Bone Health Clinic

Bayside Orthopaedic’s Bone Health Clinic with Fracture Liaison Specialist Josh Wing helps “capture the fracture” – before and after a break that may lead to another if you have osteoporosis. 

If you’ve had a break, a stop at ER for a cast often isn’t enough.   It’s important to understand the “why” behind your fracture – we’ll review your health history from childhood forward for any risk factors that may contribute to bone loss.

Osteoporosis and the broken bones it can cause aren’t a normal part of aging. There’s much you can to to protect your bones throughout your life. 

A thorough screening helps us diagnose the problem, begin treatment, and establish a game plan to break the fragility cycle. 

Make an appointment with Josh and the Bayside Orthopaedic Bone Health Clinic ~ (251) 928-2401.