Rehab Center

Rehab Center

Rehabilitation is vital to recovering after injury, surgery or trauma. Specialized techniques are needed to restore strength, motion and ease of activity for the  musculoskeletal system.  With a team in-house right alongside your surgeon, we create a seamless and personalized recovery program after surgery or orthopaedic procedure.

Bayside Orthopaedic therapists and Orthopedic Certified Specialists (OCS) are trained to understand surgical procedures and accurately evaluate your needs with the most effective evidence-based treatment plan.  Post-operative joints, traumatic sports-related or everyday injuries, fractures and more involve functional weaknesses and deficiencies demanding a recovery plan unique to you.

Our goals focus on the everyday activities part of your life at home. Whether a ladder you need to climb, baby that needs lifting or baseball bat calling for the next game, our plan is to get you there.  Your treatment will include tactics to improve balance and proprioception skills, techniques to improve full range of motion, and methods to decrease swelling and increase circulation and healing times.

Treatment May Include:

  • Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Therapeutic Exercises and Activities: strengthening muscles, restoring joint range of motion, increasing flexibility, improving mobility, and decreasing pain.
  • Manual Therapy: a hands-on approach to decrease pain and restore movement function. Treatments include soft tissue mobilizations, joint mobilizations, active release therapy, and PNF techniques to get you feeling and moving better faster.
  • Dry Needling: a more direct manual therapy technique using thin, filiform needles inserted into the body to reduce pain, improve blood flow, and restore normal joint movement.